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Very Nice!

I enjoyed the portrait of the ethnic minority in a corrupt future. It was unique for an online animation.

I thought the style and atmosphere very much reminded me of 'The Matrix', specifically, 'The Animatrix'. I don't know if you drew stylistic influence from it, or it's all a big coincidence, but I enjoyed it very much.

That was 100x better than the new ones. At least there was stuff going on in this.

Disagree with the criticism.

This had the same raucous humour mixed with creepy elements that makes this series a winner.

Although some jokes fell a bit flat and the very ending scene could have had a better punchline, the whole climax was absolutely great, love this dark humour.

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Good game. Fun while it lasted. I felt you missed out on making it more interesting. If you can get past the ludicrous idea of using dead bodies as a shield, it is amusing as a game play mechanic. Got pretty crazy towards the end too.

Some problems...

It's a good, bordering on great game. The attention to detail is excellent, as always, with a great variety of weapons, and a skill tree put in for good measure. The RPG elements, if simply, add that extra layer of depth to keep the game engaging. The story also kept me playing till the end.

However, the game is very buggy and at times feels unfinished. This is understandable given its size and scope, but now at one point the my character is unable to move and this doesn't change no matter how many times I reload the save or restart the browser. Also, the game experiences some slowdown and other glitches that don't make it feel as polished as it should be.

These are only technical issues though, as the quality of the gameplay is enough to warrant this a thumbs up from me. Some other elements feel half-baked, like the buddy system, sidequests, and exploration, but all in all, a step forward in the series.

Decent to Good game.

But I nearly tore my hair out every time I heard that piano coda when I died.

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Reminds me of those Gatorade commercials.

You need help.

I don't really get what's going on in this picture, but all in all, it's pretty motherf*ckin' disturbing.

Sick, keep it up.

sugarpolyp responds:

Haha, yeah. The whole point of this piece was just to be pointlessly disturbing. Thanks dude. Glad you like it.


...I think this ppic is nothing short of pure awesomeness.


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