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Good game. Fun while it lasted. I felt you missed out on making it more interesting. If you can get past the ludicrous idea of using dead bodies as a shield, it is amusing as a game play mechanic. Got pretty crazy towards the end too.

Some problems...

It's a good, bordering on great game. The attention to detail is excellent, as always, with a great variety of weapons, and a skill tree put in for good measure. The RPG elements, if simply, add that extra layer of depth to keep the game engaging. The story also kept me playing till the end.

However, the game is very buggy and at times feels unfinished. This is understandable given its size and scope, but now at one point the my character is unable to move and this doesn't change no matter how many times I reload the save or restart the browser. Also, the game experiences some slowdown and other glitches that don't make it feel as polished as it should be.

These are only technical issues though, as the quality of the gameplay is enough to warrant this a thumbs up from me. Some other elements feel half-baked, like the buddy system, sidequests, and exploration, but all in all, a step forward in the series.

Decent to Good game.

But I nearly tore my hair out every time I heard that piano coda when I died.

A great tower defense game

A very quirky and humourous puzzle/strategy game, and incorporating the Cthulhu Mythos makes for a unique experience. I very much enjoyed all of the different death and transformation animations that you gave each character.

The only problem I have with the game (as with most), is that after the second or so playthrough, there's little incentive to go back and play it again, as it only takes around 30 min to an hour to complete. But I do hope you've made room for a sequel!


Upon hearing that the makers of Barbarian Onslaught were making another game, I jumped at the chance to play this.

And my expectations were met.

The only problem with the game is that there is no online multiplayer component, which is a huge drawback. There are only 4 maps as well. 4 very well-designed maps, but only 4.

My actual rating for the gameplay is a 10/10 of course. I emitted quite a few snorts of laughter upon seeing my character tumbling out of a glass window, while on fire, landing on a hapless enemy below in the process. In another instance, as I ran to tackle a foe with a gun, I ended up launching myself and he off of the edge and into a bottomless drop.

Congratulations for creating a game where so many humorous and action-packed moments are available in every round. No one play-through is the same. It's great being able to re-enact Die Hard in all of its glory. Now if only there were more maps and an online component.

Agree with Gabriel Gafly

Seriously, this IS NOT A MEDIOCRE GAME!

It's an awesome game actually. But we need a sequel, it's way too Short!

Maybe Earth could advance in the ages after each level, up until we get to modern day.


I find it ironic how there was a Claritin commercial before the game.



"I can take you to a quiet place."

When the homeless man piped up, I thought 'Uh oh, here we go with more sexual innuendos and tasteless animation.'

Frankly, I assumed the homeless man was offering to give the protagonist a blow job (or something). But instead he took him to... a cemetery.

Very poetic. And it took me by surprise.


And now we can all get a reminder of why the 90s sucked.


The first one was one of a mini-favorite of mine in terms of point and click games.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm positive you put a lot of effort into this in terms of the animation and design, but it seems what you didn't put in was THOUGHT.

The possession and summon deaths were utterly laughable, "Oh yes, let me first knock the guy out... okay... aaaand, summon my giant demon worm to eat him." Seems a bit of a conundrum doesn't it?

So three stars for the average manipulation deaths, but the other 2/3 of the game, I did not enjoy. Half baked.

OzMafioso responds:

Thanks for the review :) Sorry you didn't like it, but yes, all the deaths follow the same pattern until death, but that's the fun of the game... It's NOT REAL, so don't take it so seriously. I actually put a lot of thought into the game, and I'm sorry you disagree. Thanks for playing!


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